About Us

We engineer and produce mil & aerospace oriented power solutions. Our well experienced team is here to provide the best solution for our customers in all fields: electrical, mechanical and system-level. Our in-house designed power supplies are field-proven and highly reliable. 

Satisfied customers are the key to our success

Accomplished missions and satisfied customers are the keys to our success. We carefully consider every detail of your specifications. Size, precision output, temperature, vibration, elevation, and mechanical accuracy completed to your exact specifications. Nothing ignored – everything considered.


We never deviate from your specifications. We deliver 100% accuracy – no matter what it takes to get there.


We treat your project with the utmost importance and care. We are dedicated to your success. We spare no time or effort to understand your power supply requirements - we understand your challenges - and deliver exact solutions.​

Versatility in Application

From initial design to final testing, from our robust Counterfeit Policy to thorough traceability – every process is painstakingly documented, verified, tested, and validated. The final result – a precision-crafted product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

We are proud of our certificates and standards